Around the World Flow

My extended time abroad has helped me to become comfortable with the unfamiliar and push beyond my self-perceived limitations.

We all want to be open, curious, and adaptable in our lives, but notice what happens to your mind when faced with a comfort challenge not even in your daily life, but on your mat. The mental chatter goes wild!

  • Why is the teacher making me do my favorite pose differently today?
  • I learned this differently elsewhere - this can't be right!
  • We usually move quickly in this class, why are we holding poses so long today? I want to flow!

We all get used to our preferred practice and the style of our favorite teachers and when things are a little different our brains go bonkers.

If you want to be comfortable with change and the unfamiliar, a good place to start is on your mat. Lessons learned here first tend to seep into your way of being in the world.

This month's flow will travel you around your mat, mixing up the front and the back, and explore variations on the traditional.

I encourage you to try with an open mind and observe your reactions. If you have a question or comment, please leave a response to the flow.

Happy flowing!

Taryn Vander HoopComment