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Hi! I'm Taryn!

I'm a dancer, yogi, and business woman who loves connecting inspiring people to other equally amazing people! I love watching tiny but powerful ideas manifest into fully realized projects. 

My first love was movement and I firmly believe in the power of movement to heal, change, and transform. 

When we  learn to move with our breath in yoga, we are actually emoting. "E" as a prefix means "out of" or "from" and "motion" means to move. So emotion comes from motion and in order to have an emotional release something has to shift internally. 

We feel differently after we practice yoga BECAUSE we are experiencing are internal releases of tension in the muscles and fascia on a deep and profound level. Since movement yields change in all things (including you!), this is key to understanding how transformation occurs through yoga and movement.

To bring our body, breath, and spirit into union is the ultimate goal of yoga, and to release stuck tension and unprocessed or trapped emotional trauma is an invaluable added bonus to the practice.

So let's get moving and emoting together! namaste.


Upcoming Events


om factory ryt 200-hr vinyasa yoga teacher training
Jan 19 - Mar 25, 2018

Become a teacher this winter at Om Factory in New York City! Over the course of ten weekends, Kevin Bigger, Amanda Winkler and yours truly will lead you through a transformative journey exploring asana, philosophy, bhakti, meditation and more. This training has started. Email if interested.

summation dance Project highway habitus

Taryn & Sumi, Co-Founders of Summation Dance, will be traveling around the country intermittently over the next year by Camper Van researching ideas of how geography shapes cultural and political ideology through movement, in conjunction with the social theories of habitus and performativity.

Om Fatory RYT 200-Hr Teacher Training at Rutgers university
summer 2018

Become a certified yoga teacher teacher in the summer of 2018. Study with Blair Ritchie and myself at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey for 5-weeks on the Douglass Campus. Built into the training is the opportunity to partner with Om Factory, a yoga studio with national & international roots. 


Treat Yourself to

Yoga, pranayama, and meditation have the power to alter the way you feel physically and emotionally as well as shift your  mindspace to one of positivity and freedom. 


Eight Easy Changes YOU can make to help the Environment!

Before I met my husband, I was living unconsciously and making a lot of thoughtless choices. If you would have asked me if I was passionate about the environment and making conscious choices, I would have said yes! But that would have been pretty far from the truth.


Be in Touch

It would be my pleasure to help you meet your physical goals and guide you on your yoga journey.