Taryn is one of my favorite teachers. Her graceful athleticism informs her movements and inspires her students to strive for the next level. Taryn provides expert guidance and wonderful alignment or other pose-related assistance. Classes with Taryn are unique in that both flow and pace are guaranteed to be physically challenging while, at the same time, infused with an underlying rhythm that focuses the mind and allows you to explore and expand your practice. I always leave her classes feeling limber, strong, and mentally refreshed.”
— Edgar Perez, New York

My weekly practice with Taryn has proven to be one of the best things that I have ever done for myself. I now really feel the movement in my body and I’m more aware of the stress and tensions that I pick up during the week and am now able to work these out with some of the poses Taryn has highlighted during our sessions. Taryn tailors our session so both me and my partner get the maximum benefit from our practice even though we both have very different strengths and challenges with our bodies. I feel that it’s important to give yourself the gift of a hour each week to get back in tune with your body and have the best night’s sleep of the week. It has been especially gratifying when I achieve a pose that I’ve been practicing for a while and it finally is obtainable and enjoyable and think back over the last 6 months and think wow, I never thought I’d be able to do that! Do yourself a favour, you deserve it!”
— Paul Evans, NYC

Taryn is an excellent yoga instructor, her classes are interesting as well as challenging. Her knowledge of the body and movement is evident in the structure of her classes and the personalized adjustments she provides. She corrects in a way that is helpful and gentle—never pushing me beyond what my body can safely do. Her background in dance and pilates adds another layer to her yoga instruction that is beneficial to all her students. In addition, she is very friendly and approachable. I always feel comfortable going to her with questions regarding her class or my yoga practice.
— Patricia, Student