My class explores the extreme potential of the body.  Students will play with riding momentum, loss of control, sudden shifts in quality, finding efficient ways into and out of the floor and exploring flight through the space. The class begins with floorwork designed to stretch and strengthen and progresses to standing sequences based on classical technique to warm up the mind and body. As the phrasework develops to include challenging transitions, innovative movement patterning, jumps, inversions, and floorwork, students will find new neuromuscular pathways and ways to breathe through these challenging moments.  The class culminates in a vigorous phrase that requires full body involvement and expression. Abrupt, yet subtle changes in quality are added on top of larger movements to prepare dancers for performance. By the end of class, students will be dripping with sweat and flying through the space!

I am available for choreographic and/or teaching residencies as an individual artist or through my company, Summation Dance

“Every dancer is able to take Taryn’s class working on specific goals in which she helps as a guide, in order to find personal achievement. It is clear that she seeks to mold her students into well-rounded dancers – she pushes her students boundaries, taking them out of their comfort zones, so that the students delve deeper into their artistic development. She radiates a strong, positive energy that is infectious, driving her students to aim even further than they ever imagined they would. Taryn enables her students to want more for themselves throughout their training and experience in the classroom, and manages to achieve all of this through positive and direct facilitation. “ - Caitlyn Farrell, Rutgers University Student