Spring Goals: Cultivate a Beginner Mindset


Happy Spring! It's officially spring and you may notice changes in the air from the sounds of birds chirping as they migrate back north to tiny buds appearing on the trees.

Each spring is an opportunity to practice a purification ritual or a symbolic "rebirth." Although this idea may seem a bit foreign or primitive, the essence of this ritual has been passed down to our culture and disguised with a different name -- spring cleaning!

This spring, my rebirthing ritual is centered on cultivating a beginner's mindset.

Remember when you were a child and everything you did was BRAND new, exciting, and challenging? Sounds totally exhausting, right?  No wonder kids need naps -- everything is hard! This is what I aim to explore this season, sans exhaustion.

As adults, it's easy to loose the beginner's mindset because we are used to understanding our roles, being good at our work, and in general our daily lives present us with less new challenges.

The process to return to a beginner mindset is two-fold:

First, how can I approach repetitive chores, work, and even relationships with a sense of wonder and excitement?

Secondly, how can I entice myself into trying new things?

There are two approaches -- wide and varied or focused. You can bounce around trying everything from cupcake decorating, to kickboxing, to painting, or commit to a few things you want to learn. I chose to commit to learning how to cook and becoming a more advanced aerialist this spring, both things that are hard, new, test my patience, and frustrating.

I invite you to join me and cultivate a beginner's mindset by stepping into your daily tasks with a sense of wonder instead of duty. How did you feel when you first began this role whether it's at work, being a mom, a husband, a friend? Excited? Nervous? Proud? Reignite some of that initial energy and put it into your roles at work or in your relationships.

And, try some new things this spring to remember what it's like to be not so great at something and have a blast being a beginner.

Below you will find my class schedule and a recipe that I recently learned from one of my students and enjoyed. Hope to see you soon!

With Love and Gratitude,

Taryn Vander HoopComment