Maya Bay Arrest

I'm kinesthetic by nature. I have to experience something to fully understand and appreciate it, which is why I feel the most connected to God, Krishna, Mother Nature, whomever or whatever is beyond us all when I'm dancing, doing yoga or movement of any kind. This movement doesn't necessarily mean physical exertion, but it's the easiest way for me to tap into the spiritual side of my soul.

John is different. He feels the most connected to a higher power when he is in nature and gets a lot of joy through observation (which is probably why his photos are so fantastic. He sees beauty in what most of us deem to be commonplace... but this is for another post!) When we are in nature, I can actually watch him be transported which is beautiful to witness. I usually cannot join him on his journey beyond because, for me, the intricacies of flora and fauna are not an accessible on ramp to the spiritual highway.

When I am transported by Mother Nature, however, IT IS POWERFUL. I will never forget seeing the Alps for the first time, sinking to my knees in a tidepool after an 11-mile hike to Kalalau Beach, seeing and feeling the power of Mount Denali, and now seeing Maya Bay from this vantage point.

John, myself, and a few new friends went in search of a way to the top for this view. The journey wasn't easy (read: steep, muddy terrain, bare feet and sharp rocks, roots for handholds and footholds, and some sketchy rock-climbing) but things that are worth it rarely are, right?

One by one we reached the summit and our reactions ranged from silent wonder to audible exclamations. The energy of the space was sacred, magnetic, and tangible; like an old, wise teacher or master who silently demands your attention, awe, and respect. We all agreed the perilous trek had been worth it.

It is another moment I will never forget: when Maya Bay arrested and transported me beyond myself, causing me to marvel, ponder and delight in the beauty of this world, the power of mother earth, and the mystery of it all.

Taryn Vander HoopComment